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Your yard is the first part of your home that people see and where your family enjoys their time outside, all the reason to make sure it is perfect!! A proper installation of sod is important to ensure that your yard drains properly, looks great, and lasts a lifetime! Whether you are in Austin, Katy, Friendswood, Pearland, Clear Lake, Texas City, or the surrounding area, we are happy to help you make your yard look great with new sod! Trust the experts and work with the best sod installers in the Austin, Texas Area!

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A great sod landscaper will:

  • Give you an estimate and clear pricing, no surprises!
  • Use the best quality grass including Texas St. Augustine and Bermuda
  • Will ensure your yard is properly prepped so your sod will grow healthy!
  • Will pay attention to detail and leave your yard looking great!

Turn Your Dream Lawn Into an “Overnight Reality” With Sod Installation

Let’s turn your landscaping idea into reality! Our partner team is innovative and professional sod installation solutions can make the landscaping of your dream possible.

Here at Sod Landscapers Austin, we partner with the most comprehensive and budget-friendly sod installation services dedicated to your unique needs. They strive that their sod installation is pest and weed-free.

Whether you need sod for your existing lawn, a new construction project, or you are about to start a lawn. We serve to pair you with the best sod installation experts–they will handle all your sod installation needs professionally.

With years of experience in the industry, our partner team has improved and refined their sod installation process. From start to finish of your sod project, you can expect the best results. they ensure the land is properly prepared for installation. They install both St. Augustine and Bermuda grass.

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Who We Are? is a Texas based website that partners with Texas-based sod installation companies that provides complete and professional sod installation solutions. We install high quality St. Augustine and Bermuda type grass.

We specialize in  helping you get both weed-free and proper installation for residential and commercial properties. Through our dedication to locating the best sod companies–we think our sod installation partner companies are now among the most trusted names in sod installation in Austin, Texas and outskirts.

We believe that the lawn is among the essential parts of a property. Beautiful and head-turning lawns can improve the value of a property. We are here to help every lawn owner maintain and enhance it.

For every sod installation needs, Sod Landscapers can be your best partner!

What to Expect From The Sod Installation Process?

We are dedicated and passionate to connect you with the best value and high-quality sod installation services. You can always count on their premium-grade products and services at a very reasonable price. Here’s an overview of a typical sod installation process:

  • Accurate on-site evaluation and measuring
  • Removal of existing weeds and grass
  • Mark off the specific area of the sprinkler heads
  • Perform roto-tilling (if needed) of lawn to loosen the soil as well as promote healthy growth of root
  • Application of top dressing to resurface the yard
  • Installation of new sod (Bermuda or St. Augustine grass) in a staggering joint to prevent water runoff Water roll in the newly installed sod for a smooth finish and great root contact
  • Test the sprinkler system
  • Provide watering and maintenance instructions

Services A Local Sod Company Can Provide

By choosing the right type of sod, you can be sure that it will be healthy and have long-term survival. We make sure that you’ll end up with the right sod along with our high-quality Bermuda and St. Augustine grasses.

Our sod installation services come with two parts, the side preparation, and the sod installation. That’s because our partner team wants to prepare your lawn before the installation process properly.

Site Preparation For Sod

Lawn Clearing In Way Of Sod Installation

To start, they’ll clear out all the existing weeds, grass, and other debris. After that, we will dispose of them properly.

Water Draining

We will, if necessary, recommend utilizing a landscape graded to drain water away from your building structures. Then, they’ll perform general grading to ensure core shape.

Top Soil Prepation

To flourish healthy grass, topsoil (at least 4”) is necessary. The amount of soil along with fertilizers and amendments will be based on the sod project specifications

Conditioning of Soil

Soil conditioning involves cultivating, tilling, and mixing of new soil into the existing subgrade.

Final Grade Work

In this stage, they’ll add the final touches. We will rake and roll in the new soil in preparation for the sod installation.

Sod Installation in Austin

Sod Delivery

They make sure that their sod is healthy, high quality, and cut fresh daily.

Sod Installation

During the installation process, they’ll make sure that everything is lined up accurately, and you’ll find no gaps.


If necessary, we will apply special amendments to the newly installed sod according to the specs of your sod project

Final Roll and Tamp

To properly smooth out the new sod, they’ll perform the final rolling and tamping.

Final Clean Up

We will remove any unused sod, collect debris, and they sweep up the area to ensure that your lawn will look great and appealing.

Sod Watering Instructions

After completing the sod installation, our partner team will leave you with detailed water instructions and other maintenance tips to ensure healthy, beautiful sod.

Why Choose Us?

Are you tired of waiting for the grass to grow in your lawn? Then, our sod installation partner team will help in speeding the process. With their expertise and experience in the industry, transforming your unattractive lawn into a beautiful yard is within your reach.

Whether you want to improve the value of your property or you simply want an aesthetic look for your lawn, you can count on Sod Landscapers Austin. We guarantee satisfying results at an affordable price range.

Friendly and Professional Team

Our partner team is known for friendliness and professionalism, so you’ll find it easy and comfortable with each staff member. We guarantee that all your needs are professionally addressed. Not only that, our partner team makes sure they’ll complete the project based on the set schedule.

Combined Affordability and Quality

As you hire our expert team, no need for you to break the bank just to achieve a lush, beautiful and green lawn. Our sod installation services come with an affordable price range. We make sure that you’ll get high quality services even if you are on a tight budget.

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Are you looking for a professional and affordable sod installation near me? Don’t look further! Sod Landscapers Austin is here to handle any sod installation needs with guaranteed professional results. So, get a free estimate now!

Everything You Need to Know About Sod

Sod is popular to use in outdoor landscapes because it provides quick-growing and stunning patches of grass. While a little pricey compared to grass seed, it’s efficient and comes in a variety of types. Below you’ll find more information about sod, some of the best to use in the area, and a handful of maintenance tips. 

What is Sod? 

Sod, also known as turf, is a solid piece of grass that is held together with the help of a separate material, such as burlap. This material will keep the roots in place and eventually start to decompose once planted. Most sod pieces come in 16 x 24-inch blocks. 

Besides its impressive aesthetic look, sod can stop erosion and produce oxygen. It can also catch and trap allergens, like dust and mold. 

St. Augustine Grass vs. Bermuda Grass

While there are numerous types of sod you can use in Louisiana, two of the best are St. Augustine and Bermuda. 

St. Augustine Grass

St. Augustine grass is a warm-season option that’s known for its lush dark green look. This grass can be placed on various types of soil and is somewhat tolerant of cooler weather compared to Bermuda grass. Unlike Bermuda, St. Augustine grass is only available as sod or plugs because it doesn’t produce enough seed for proper lawn usage. 

During the winter, St. Augustine grass will die back. However, it will maintain a slightly green color, especially if the temperatures are around 60 degrees Fahrenheit. Once the weather starts to heat back up again, the grass will revive itself and grow. 

Pros of St Augustine Sod

  • It does well in humidity. 
  • It tolerates high amounts of soil salinity making it ideal to use near coastal areas. 
  • It doesn’t collect a lot of weeds and will often smother them out. 

Cons of St Augustine Sod

  • It’s not drought tolerant.
  • It can’t handle high foot traffic. Because of this, it isn’t ideal to place in heavily used areas. 
  • It’s susceptible to ailments such as root rot and brown patch disease. It’s also a favorite habitat for various pests, especially the southern chinch bug which can cause the grass to turn yellow. 

Bermuda Grass

Also called scutch grass, Bermuda grass is a warm-season choice that comes back each year. It tends to grow best during the spring and summer and develops thin but long blades that create a thick patch of grass. As the blades grow, their roots will spread along the ground creating internodes that will form new grass. 

Similar to St. Augustine, Bermuda grass will keep a green color during the winter. If frost occurs, it will cause the grass to turn brown. Bermuda grass will usually start to come out of dormancy in April. 


  • It’s very easy to grow and can be put on any type of soil.
  • It spreads quickly. 
  • The grass is durable and can repair itself. It’s ideal for heavy foot traffic and is often installed on athletic fields and playgrounds. 


  • It needs a lot of sunlight and doesn’t grow well in the shade. If put in shady areas, it will start to thin-out. 
  • It tends to have a lot of nematode damage. 
  • It creates runners that could spread into nearby gardens. 

How to Install Sod

Measure the Area

The first step is to measure the area where you wish to install the sod. Take a tape measure and mark out the areas where you plan to put the grass. You can do this with wooden sticks or by spray painting the outline. 

After gathering your measurements, you’ll be able to correctly estimate how much sod you’ll need. It might be good to slightly increase this amount in case you plan to use the grass around curves or need to cut out parts. This way, you can be sure you’ll have enough on hand.

Dig Up the Soil with a Rototiller

After you’ve measured the area, take a rototiller and use it to dig up the pre-existing grass and soil. You’ll want to run this device over the soil until you get about eight inches into the ground. To keep the soil healthy, you might want to add some compost to the dirt and rototill it into the current soil. This will provide the sod with nutrients and encourage better water retention. 

Level Out the Soil and Water It

You’ll now want to take a rake and brush the soil out to level it. Grab a garden rake and sweep it back and forth against the soil to spread it. Make sure the ground is even before you start to put sod on it. Otherwise, it will be more difficult for the sod to grow roots. 

Once you’ve leveled out the soil, take a hose and water it. This will moisten the dirt which will help the sod produce roots faster. 

Roll the Sod Out 

Once you’ve leveled the soil, you can start rolling the sod pieces out on it. You’ll want to start on the outside of the measured area and work your way in. To begin, take a piece of sod and carefully align it along the outer edge. Keep laying the sod edge-to-edge until the area is covered in it. Make sure to pat the sod down as you do so. This will remove any air bubbles which could cause lawn blisters. You can use a sod roller to assist with this. 

Be careful to not step on the sod as you roll it out. This can irritate new grass blades and cause them to wither. To prevent this, you’ll want to roll the sod toward you during the installation. 

If you need to cut curves, you can take a serrated knife and chop out the size you need. This tool will leave a clean cut and is easy to use when carving out tricky shapes. 

Tips for Taking Care of Your Sod 

Don’t Overwater

While it’s important to give your new sod plenty of water once it has been installed, when it establishes itself, you want to cut back on the watering. By doing so, it will allow the new roots to travel deeper into the soil. 

Ideally, only water the sod once in the morning and once in the late evening. This way, it will get plenty of moisture which can encourage more growth and ensure it gets enough nutrients. Plus you won’t be wasting money with a high water bill!

If you’re concerned you might be overwatering your sod, you can look for a few things. One is if it’s muddy. While sod can be damp, it should never collect water puddles. Because the water has no place to drain, it will cause root rot. 

Other signs that indicate you’re overwatering include:

  • A spongy feel when you walk on it
  • Yellow or brown patches
  • Excessive weed growth 

If you notice these signs, you can try to aerate the sod to reverse the damage. This will remove trapped water and stimulate new root growth. 

Fertilize at Least Once a Month

You’ll want to make sure to fertilize sod at least once a month. A fertilizer will help it to establish strong roots. In addition to this, because of its strong nutrients, fertilizer can give the grass a deep green look. Some of the best fertilizers to use for sod are 15-15-15 or 16-16-16. A 15-15-15 fertilizer contains nitrogen and sulfur while a 16-16-16 one contains nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorus. If weeds are becoming an issue, especially in the spring, try a weed and feed fertilizer made for St. Augustine.

Be Careful When Using a Riding Mower

A riding mower can make cutting grass much easier, but it can ruin your sod. The weight of the riding mower can press down on the grass blades which can irritate and kill their roots. To prevent this, it’s ideal to cut your sod with a push mower. 

Don’t Cut the Grass Too Low

Cutting your sod too low could end up damaging its delicate root system. You’ll want to make sure your mower’s blade is lifted at least two inches off of the ground. This height will give the grass a nice trim but ensure the mower doesn’t get near its roots. 

Immediately Pull Out Weeds

Most sod types will suffocate weeds. However, some don’t do the best job at this, especially if you place the sod over old grass. Once the weeds start spreading, they can be difficult to contain. 

You’ll want to make sure to pull out any weeds as soon as you see them. Be careful to pull their entire root system out or they will continue to grow. 

While some might opt to use a herbicide to remove weeds, it’s vital not to do this. Herbicides can hurt sod, especially if it’s new. If you spray too much or on a sensitive area, it could destroy the entire piece. If you notice weeds, pull them out by hand. This might be time-consuming, but it will keep your sod healthy. 

Sod is a wonderful way to add color and beauty to a landscape. It not only grows quickly, but is easy to maintain. By keeping the information above in mind, you’ll be able to find the perfect type to install in your yard.

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